What was the time of the festival? The origin of football

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This sport is very famous all over the world and there are historical evidence that the kick of the ball has been in many countries for centuries. According to FIFA, scientific evidence shows that a similar activity attempts to reverse the ball in a precise way between 2 and 3 BC in a Chinese province. This activity during the Han Dynasty is a military practice called Tsu Chu. The practice is done by kicking a leather ball with feather and hair. The aim of this task is to aim the bullet in a small hole in the small opening. This requires great precision skills to practice.

But today's modern technology is known for sport in 1863, the same year that the Football Association was formed in England. The laws of the game were also created, which formed the basis for the modern game of sport.

What year was football? The answer to this question is a lot of answers, but what's important is the sport we enjoy today. Sports developed and developed a lot from antiquity to the present. Thanks to the game's discovery, we enjoy the world's most popular sport.

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