Uniforms by the NBA Made by Adidas no more "Made in the USA"

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In January 2006, Adidas acquired the current exclusive uniform and clothing provider of the National Basketball Association (NBA) from Reebok International, Ltd. After the acquisition, Adidas signed an eleven (11) year contract with the NBA, took over the position of exclusive uniform and clothing provider. For the next three years, this step would be beneficial for all concerned parties. With the efforts of the NBA to strengthen its international image, especially because of the rise of international basketball teams, many nations are rapidly evolving, the NBA has found a large power plant on behalf of the internationally recognized Adidas to achieve this goal. This step enabled Adidas to gain greater recognition through the NBA in the United States and Reebok continues to produce and supply the sports shoes that are well known to Adidas. [19659002] This step allowed the NBA to advance with global marketing of NBA products and clothing products while increasing the number of retail sales to the international market. This market includes more than 100,000 retail outlets in 100 counties, and the world's only NBA Store in Now York City and NBAStore.com. With this new imagination, the NBA is making significant moves through community information programs through charitable contributions that will further improve images across the globe, and NBA is much more a "American" past, but an internationally recognized organization that is is related to the international community as a whole.

Just recently, this new international image is being questioned by New York Senator New York, New York; the original local manufacturer of NBA official jerseys and shorts is part of the NBA. American pride is referred to as "American" sports by referring to the unsuitability of making products that are manufactured in the United States and outside of the United States.

In this difficult economic season, especially this season, concerns about losing positions are a cause for concern that Senator Schumer apparently exploits. He suggests that Americans should have the exclusive right of the NBA to count as "American sports", Senator Schumer stated that production elsewhere would be "an insult to US workers and sports fans all over America." [19659002] In a time when the world is getting smaller and communication has made most sports international goods – this is a huge step backwards for the country to own each sport. At a time when the American image has suffered serious injuries over recent international incidents, it is important to recognize that the NBA is a positive step towards restoring international goodwill. Sports events not only meant national pride, but also among nations. This is the manifestation of the things that unite us, not the events that so often break apart as nations.

Adidas takes steps to reduce production costs for part of the NBA teams' uniforms. In order to increase production and financially promote the production of quality products, Adidas produces this part of production to the manufacturer of the country that is closer to the material used in the production. It is a business strategy that outweighs the growing cost of production and at the same time increases the NBA's recognition.

The ambition of Senator Schumer to consider this as a political issue is another proof of the government's attempt at private enterprise practice, which is growing rapidly at popularity. Governments have no place in private enterprise decisions, especially in capitalist societies such as the United States. Adidas Corporation's business decisions can not be an exception to the decision, regardless of whether they are in the country or not. Many businesses have to make similar manufacturing choices in this country. And if American manufacturers want to compete, it is their job to find a way to make financially viable products competitive on the international market. It has always been the practice of the American manufacturer to find competitiveness in the global marketplace. To rely on the government to use the "level playing field" with great force, it is not America that NBA players wear clothes that have been manufactured in another country.

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