Treads – leather or synthetic?

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A question that often appears when buying football boots (football shoes) is to choose a pair of leather or synthetic leather boots. Both types of boots have the advantages and disadvantages, but it is difficult to judge that one is better than the other. Read on to find out what type of luggage is suitable for you.

Up to the turn of the century, leather shoes were taller than their synthetic counterparts and were not surprisingly worn by the majority of professional players. At that time, leather shoes were much more comfortable and feeling better and provided better control. Thanks to the advances in technology, however, synthetic boots are considered equivalent if they are not better than leather shoes.

Even today's state-of-the-art synthetic materials make leather shoes more comfortable and allow the user to feel the ball better. And in my opinion, comfort is the only important factor when choosing a boot. Among the many of the skin, kangaroo skin, often called k-skin, is the most comfortable but less durable, while the whole granular skin is much more durable but less comfortable.

Leather shoes have disadvantages. Among these are more expensive. Most leather shoes are not waterproof and are therefore a bad choice for footwear. They are also very difficult, limiting the manufacturer's specifications. Because skin is a delicate material, it requires high levels of maintenance. Finally, leather shoes have shorter lifespan than synthetic boots.

Most synthetic boots are made from Teijin's microfiber material today, which is a comfortable, lightweight material. Synthetic boots are lightweight so manufacturers can incorporate more technology. They are even more durable, cheaper and waterproof while requiring less maintenance. But they are less comfortable and less emotional.

Though the odds are like synthetic boots, remember that comfort is the only major factor to look for in soccer shoes. Both boots have their own sets.

Below we summarize the benefits of each type of material as well as some boot model examples. One of the type professionals is the other disadvantage

Skin: Convenient, the ball feels

Models: The Adidas AdiPure product line, the Nike Tiempo range

Synthetic: cheap, lightweight, waterproof, low maintenance, durable

Models: The Nike Mercurial product line, the Lotto Zhero range

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