The top four tennis shoes were worn by the pro

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If you like me, then traveling to my favorite sports goods store can be very depressing. Choose from so many different tennis shoes, how do you know which one is the best? That's why I start with the shoes that my favorite tennis swords wear. If the shoes are good enough for them, it's good for me, right?

Rafael Nadal is a fan of a fan. The foundation is a ton of good, and its matches are always fun. He held the first place for a while, while he was not in second place this year. He is known as "King Clay" to dominate French openness. Rafa was wearing the Nike Air Court Ballistec 3.3. This Nike is known for its excellent deal. Not to mention wonderful amenities, support and durability.

Novak Djokovic is the latest player. You will not be able to reach the head of the pack without any extra thoughts on the type of tennis shoes you wear. Djokovic was adidas Barricade 6.0. These are classic adidas, up to the signature up to three streaks. They are light, but they still produce excellent stability and durability. Andy Murray also wears adidas Barriade 6.0. In fact, the special edition of Shanghai Masters and China Open is the adidas Barricade 6.0 Dragon.

Andy Roddick is one of my favorite players. He's the American. He is a great tennis player, but he still takes time to collect a lot of money for love. Most importantly, in the list, Babolat Propulse 3 wears her favorite pair of shoes. These shoes are not the fault of the heart. They are bold, red, black and white. Looks good in court and are comfortable, durable and a perfect shoe. With the base, he has come out with Michelin and has a good guarantee. Not to mention that the Babolat tennis shoe is the master of tennis equipment.

A list of tennis professionals would be complete without big Roger Federer? Roger Federer is now third in the game, but he is one of the everyday tennis players. He won the Grand Slam titles and has been indisputable ruler for years. She may be older, but she will always be in the history of tennis. Federer was wearing the Nike Lunar Vapor 8 Tourot. The Lunar Vapor 8 Tour is easy with many speeds. Still, this tennis shoe is still stable and supports high-level races.

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