The Top 5 Nike Dunks with Freshness

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The Nike Dunks existed since the mid-80s. As the basketball champion of the university championship began, it has been constantly evolving. Although Nike paused for a while to manufacture these shoes, the company resurrected them in 1998 and was the best one.

Here are the top 5 latest Nike Dunks. Check out which one you like for losing (if you are out of stock) and which one you think is likely to be soon to buy.

# 5 Dontrelle Willis Dunks

This is part of the Nike Collection Royale. Dontrelle Willis Nike Dunk Highs is exclusive to members. The first shoe of the released series is Lebron James "King of Spades", available online with $ 90. Other designs include Ronaldinho's "10's Clubs Air Force Ones, Serena Williams 2 Hearts" Dunks and Michael Vick's "Jack of Diamonds" Air Force.

# 4 Osaka Dunks

Japan is a great Nike fan club and two of the latest Nike Dunks come from there, Osaka Dunk or Dontonbori Dunk on the fourth spot honored for Osaka Doutonbori returns to Japan's most popular icon , for drumming

Osaka Dunk is a 4-pack Japan City Attack The package was designed after 4 cities after Osaka Fukouka, Nagoya and Tokyo. It was the last issue, and when it turned out, a wooden Nike box was given an insole showing the streets of Osaka.

# 3 Nagoya – Golden Dolphin Dunk

Nagoya Dunk is the second shoe from the Japanese City Attach Pack, which is made for the Freshest Five. Golden Dolphin is the symbol of the fourth largest city in Japan. He is sitting on top of Nagoya Castle. This pair of light metallic gold mints with green interior lining. Double stitched and the back end features scale patterns for portraying the famous fishing port.

# 2 Vandal Valentine's Day Limit

Limited Edition and Vandal Valentine's Day, released in France, is a very good art piece. One side is a woman, the other is a king image. The letter Q representing the symbol of the Queen is also located where the king has a picture.

# 1 Ice Blue

Ice Blue is a Nike Dunk High Premium pair run by Metallic Gold / White-Black and Nike Dunk Supreme 2008 Varsity Red. Its body is metallic blue to make it a shiny or bright display. These are eyes, especially when the sun shines on it. Ice Cream is not all beautiful, patented Nike Air Zoom technology. This technology makes this couple very durable and extremely comfortable to wear.

So many new designs come out every ten, and this will continue for many years, because Nike is committed to providing the most up-to-date footwear to meet current needs.

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