The Top 2 brand in Disc Golf

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Every sport has a number of popular brands, such as Nike, Adidas and Under Armor, which are athletes loyal. These brands are known for their quality and produce many different products for more sports. For disc golf, Innova and Discraft are the two best-known brands, but each one has its own unique style.

Among these two brands, Innova is my favorite because it was the first record release. Innova is a great brand at the beginning for disc golfers because they have created a chart that separates the different types of discs by weight and stability. The diagram can be divided into four categories: driving, drive-in drives, mid-range disks, putts and approaches. The left side of the diagram shows a column showing the speed of the disks in descending order. Another great feature of the Innova plates is the plastic materials they use. There are four different types of plastic: the DX is easier to grab the disc, the Pro delivers a unique sensitivity and durability, the Champion offers a variety of colors and Star provides different colors and better plastic for capturing the disc. The Innova albums are so popular because they hold a lot of world records from distance, and many professionals have won the championship using their products.

Discraft is another popular brand used by many beginners and experienced disc golfers. Unlike the Innova, Discraft website ads are more than just disc golf; Discraft is the most popular brand for the ultimate frisbee and freestyle. To distinguish themselves from innovation, Discraft has three drivers with a mid-range disc and a bumper. Discraft and Innova are similar in the fact that both have a diagram, but the Discraft diagram is simpler and less technical. On their website they explain how to look for the stability of the disc and go through the steps that you have to do when selecting a disc.

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