The story of Jordan and Nike

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No one can replace Jordan with Nike, and no one can substitute for Nike to express. Their co-operation was classical sport.

Jordan was free to stay at the stadium and shopping malls for 16 years. He became the world's most successful sports star and commercial sports star. His first commercial ad was made with Nike in the summer of 1984. At that time, Nike was in a bad environment. She liked the Adidas European brand. But Nike appreciated this extremely potential young man. He opened the very generous conditions and promised to create the Jordan personal brand. Even though Jordan has signed a sales contract for each pair of Jordans.

This special expression inspired him to become famous. This is the beginning of a sports business. Nike offered the opportunity to become a "flyers shoes" as the world's largest sports equipment company. He was also the first man to own his own shoes. Many people think that Nike and Jordan are a perfect combination of modern commercial and modern sports.

In 1984, she was 21 years old. The Chicago Bulls were chosen. The NBA's brilliant mythic age began to crawl. At that time, the American footwear competition is brutal. Nike was in a difficult situation. They found Jordan, and they decided to make bets in Jordan. His honesty pushed him off. They signed 5 years and bought a $ 2.5 million contract (at that time, not a few). There is no doubt that this is the biggest game play in history.

Nike and Jordan had a little story. He never thought he would sign up for Nike, but Adidas. Nike did not lose his confidence. They made Jordan wagons. Then give your family a gift. His parents touched him and advised him to see Nike. Jordan saw the movie about the amazement and said it was the first time that basketball could become a kind of art.

Then Jordan and Nike meet. They talked well. By contrast, Jordan and Adidas boss had uncomfortable talks on several occasions. And Adidas refused to sign a big price for Michael Jordan. And as a result, the chance is lifted.

Now, we all know that Nike has won gambling.

Jordan and Nike launched the Jordanian generations. After the ads, they focused on one day to the next. Next year, Nike launched the Jordan dmc2. And every year he launched a mobile Jordan shoe.

Nike was leaps and bounds. In 1986, sales fell to $ 10 billion. In 1990 he became the world leader in the production of sports goods. In 1994 its sales reached 40 billion dollars. For decades, the Jordanian shoe and apparel series sold 5% of total sales. In these years, Nike gained only $ 2.6 billion in Jordan's shoes, clothing and hats sales.

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