The story of Adidas Samba

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Adidas Samba shoes are around 1950 when they are specifically designed to help footballers on hard or icy ground. Sucking on the rubber bed provided this unique ability and quickly became very popular. The continued use of players for football players by this time makes them the second most popular line in Adidas shoes ever.

In addition to sports players, Adidas Samba has become popular as fashion shoes weared by millions of comfortably. More than 35 million pairs have been sold, which is an impressive number of shoes for all kinds of shoes.

Following the success of the traditional Sambas Adidas years, other versions of the shoe also appeared, including Adidas Samba 85 and Adidas Samba Millennium.

Although there were clear differences in some versions, each retained the classic look and feel people loved. Their constant popularity, their feelings are faced with their great appearance and versatility.

Unlike other sports shoes, they can be worn on the field and in the field equally well.

Adidas Samba's fascinating story is that celebrities or television shows are famous. The Adidas Samba K version was Owen Wilson's "You, Me and Dupree". Samba K is a classic shoe version, but made with kangaroo leather. In the movie Transformers: The Revenge of the Fallen, the protagonist Sam Witwicky, Shia LaBeouf, plays them all in the movie. The use of classic shoes in the movies was not just a new trend, like 1984's "Beverly Hills Cop", where Eddie Murphy was wearing them.

There are many other great examples of this shoe, various movies, television shows and even musical performances.

Adidas Samba is the oldest style of running gear and does not show any slowdown. Shoes are still very popular for football players in the world and are increasingly popular for use on the field.

But history is not the only reason why this shoe is popular. Adidas is doing a lot of research and development for each version of the shoe so that they are all extremely comfortable, functional and durable.

When you find a lot of shoes, first you look for this great style because it is really the best both old and new. Adidas has done an extraordinary job of keeping the shoe right, while incorporating the most up-to-date shoe trends.

The shoes come in a wide selection, which is a popular choice for all football teams. choose the same color. The three white striped blacks are still the most popular as the original, and they consider classic soccer shoes.

No matter what color, style, or looks more like Adidas Samba, you will surely be content with this fascinating performance with such a great history.

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