The Nike VR Pro pebbles are inspired by your game

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Nike has released the latest edition of the highly successful VR series, the Nike VR Pro Cavity Irons! This latest iron structure is designed for golfers who want to play the best clubs while achieving greater distance and forgiveness than Nike knives. VR Pro Cavity Irons inspires confidence and greatly improves the higher handicapper game.

After the Nike VR Full Cavity Irons, the new Pro Cavitys are still very stylish clubs. Incredible VR and Nike Swoosh logos, incorporating red and black color schemes in polished stainless steel design.

In addition to cosmetics, Nike has further improved its previous Cavity Ironyards in the more advanced technology. The Nike Opti-Mass Weighting System is a combination of high-density tungsten and resin polymers. This system is placed in the holes of the golf clubs, allowing Nike to strictly adapt to perfect weight distribution and thus provide greater consistency to your yards. Nike designed the progressive kit for VR Pro Cavitys and 9-Sand Wedge was a piece of 6-inch 8-inch irons and four-to-five three-part club heads. The long irons made of AM355 alloy (just like the VR Pro Blades), the Optimass System and the 17-4 steel body. This special alloy provides a "hot face" for these golf clubs to ensure that the ball explodes from the face to the extra distance. The middle ironers have Optimass Technology and 17-4 steel, while short irons are purely 17-4 steel body and face.

Oven's Nike research and development facility enables Nike engineers to bring innovation and technology to the highest possible level. In doing so, engineers designed the Gravitational Mapping System (CG) Linear Center. This CG system gradually displaces the gravitational focus of each club through the set. The CG system has allowed Nike to position the center of gravity more accurately than the previous VR full hollow irons and therefore optimize ball-like flight and track.

If you are new to the game or looking for a set of golf courses that enhance your game by inspiring consistency, the new Nike VR Pro Cavity Irons for clubs.

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