The Nike re-use shoe program wants old running shoes

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Nike wants to throw old tennis shoes into new, sporty surfaces. The recycling process is very simple. The Nike 300 site put reusable shoe collection tanks in the United States and Australia, New Zealand and Western Europe. These drop-off locations accept shoes from all brands, not just Nike shoes. However, it is important that the shoes are clean and do not have metal bands. Nike currently does not wear shoes or shoes. If you are not near a drop-off location, you can bring your old athletic shoes to the Wilsonville Oregon Nike Processing Center. (Address: Nike Recycling Center c / o Reuse shoe, 26755 SW 95th Ave., Wilsonville, OR 97070.) However, note the carbon footprint of the shipping of the shoes. In fact, "greener" can be the giving of old shoes locally or for creative use at home (eg Kert├ęsz shoes or even chewing on the dog) rather than delivering them all over the country.

Once enough shoes are collected at a collection center, they are transported in bulk to one of Nike's Reuse-A-Shoe processing centers. These recycling centers are located in Wilsonville, Oregon and Meerhout, Belgium. (Again, it is important to examine the environmental impacts of Nike's transport methods, Nike claims to transport shoes as much as possible to reduce the impact on the environment, but may be more environmentally friendly for recycling old sports shoes at home.)

After being collected and was transported to one of Nike's recycling centers, and his old athletic shoes are falling apart. The shoe is divided into three parts: the rubber sole, the center of the foam and the upper fabric. The lower, middle and upper part along a separate conveyor belt where it can be reused. Rubber material is used to make playground surfaces, running tracks and soles for new shoes. The materials from the foam turn into cushioning materials for outdoor tennis courts and basketball courts. Materials with textile upper are placed under the inner volleyball court and the basketball track. Zippers, buttons and fasteners are also made of Nike Grind rubber and foam.

Nike's recycling facilities are currently working on their capacity. The brand is one of the most important shoe companies that carry out such a large shoe recycling project. To learn more about how to put shoes on a person or find out how to use the Nike Reuse-A-Shoe shoe, visit Nike Reuse-A-Shoe's website at http: // www. nikereuseashoe. com .

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