The New World Cup Soccer Ball Jabulani

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The World Cup must be selected as a ball, it must be the best. This year's competition was selected for the new Official Match World Cup! The creation of Adidas balls started in 1963 and is currently in production. Adidas Jabulani is the new discovery.

Supervision of Adidas Innovation Team (A.I.T) under stringent laboratory conditions has performed a number of tests. Lucky to try out the new Official Match Ball World Cup was the professional players and club teams in the soccer field. The Sports Science Research Group at Loughborough University – the world's leading sports institute – has produced various tests. The results are individual, and each test proves that this ball is the most stable flight, and most of all round.

The high standard of FIFA determines the quality at a global level. All the criteria defined by the Football Association are often exceeded by the new ball. Adidas Jabulani is an excellent test by Loughborough University and Adidas for Scheinfeld's laboratory. Studies have been performed: Perfect Body Weighing, Form and Size Retention Test, Uniform Rebound Test . The new official ball shows that there is no other competitor for this great sporting event.

Perfect Weight Test : If a ball is too heavy or too light, it can fly unexpectedly during the flight. Weight is crucial because all professional games are played with different number of balls

• FIFA-approved standard: weight 420 and 445 grams

] Official Match Ball World Cup: Weight 440 grams ( + / – 2 grams )

: During the football match, At the last moment of overtime the official ball is in the same position as the first minute of the match. The new Official Match ball game, which will retain its shape and size, will start with a 50 km / h 2000-fold steel wall, which will be approved by Fifa Hallmark. After the seams and the test air valves remained intact and minor changes were made to the air pressure and the wheel.

• FIFA-approved standard: 2000 cycles 50 km per hour

50 km per hour

Unique feedback test : Each player must be able Determines how the ball responds to the foot, taking the breasts, thighs, or head. To run this test, the official ball should be thrown 10 times to a steel plate at a height of 2 meters. The difference between the lowest and the highest jump can be up to 10 centimeters

• FIFA-approved standard: Up to 10 cm

• Official match ball World Cup: 143 cm 20 ° C measured

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