The most expensive Kobe Bryant shoes

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Which epic shoes are holding the league belt as the most expensive Kobe Bryant shoes? This is really a tough question to answer. But surely it is very fun. Obviously time plays a major role in determining which of the most expensive Kobe Bryant shoes. The price tag of the most expensive shoes can not be as far as the price of Kobe shoes in the past. So compare the most expensive shoes of today with the most expensive shoes of the past.

As the shoes sold as part of the Kobe line or between $ 130 and $ 150 are the most expensive pair, the two main factors, the public's availability and the total amount released. As sneakerheads, these are two factors that we know very well. There are two factors that drive the Kobe signature shoe through the roof. If these shoes are very limited in emissions and are only available to individual retailers throughout the country, it is better to spend a lot of time and money on your hands. You must travel and camp on one of the retailers to have the chance to get this shoe. But this is a hell adventure!

Kobe VI "Grinch" – This is currently the most expensive shoe that Nike has released as part of the Kobe basketball shoe. These gems will cost anywhere from $ 350 to $ 400. Kobe "Grinch" appeared in the 2010 holiday season. Kobe played on national television last year on Christmas Day. In fact, several couples could see the celebrities at the foot as George Lopez sits in court in Los Angeles that day. The shoe stands on a snakeskin textured top with a candy apple green colored with a bright yellow accent. The intermediate and the outsole are also sweet apples in green. Put on the red corset and get a masterpiece. This shoe was extremely limited in numbers. Therefore, the high price.

Kobe V "Big Stage" – This is perhaps the most expensive Kobe shoes from the past. In both home and distant colors, this epic shoe went for $ 450. Both home and foreign editions feature metallic gold swoosh and corner counters as well as a transparent, translucent sole. The home edition was white top while in the distance black top. In addition, Kobe's statistics for the previous year were subtly embedded in the upper. In the 2010 NBA Finals, Kobe specifically intended to wear a single retailer in Los Angeles. Let's talk about limited availability! The shoe was limited to only 250 pairs of colors. Talk About Limited Edition

Limited availability and low number of shoes produce basketball shoes for men. And the price of any product. The nike basketball shoe is usually marketed in this way. Try to get your hands on the most expensive Kobe Bryant shoe pair, just part of the enjoyment and pain of the sneakerhead.

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