The importance of sport in the marketing of the city

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Countries and cities are popularly promoted by products or services of private brands. However, one of the main differences is that this promotion is carried out not only by private brands, but also by the people of a particular city or country in co-operation with governmental organizations.

This is important for the economy of the country / city and it is no coincidence that large cities, such as New York, London, Paris and other features are fine, and every year the number of tourists is more than twice the number of residents. In addition to people and government agencies, private brands are increasingly helping. For example, if someone purchases an Adidas product in the US, they get a small piece of Germany. Another example is "Made in Italy" products that combine Italy with high quality and stylish words. Urban marketing is a clear example of a New York city, the "I love New York" slogan, printed in many products that are almost everywhere in the world.

However, the question is "image for a country or city?" The first and most important step is to analyze the current situation and configure the ideal vision. Then identify the ideal primary and secondary audience, what they think about the country or the city, and what it is you want to think about. The final step is to create a schedule and look for the support capital of the plan.

Another question: "What is the role of sport in city marketing?" More than just pure sport is a huge industry that, of course, generates billions of dollars in the world, but is able to engage the emotions and emotions that affect people millions, which is very important for marketing and sales. The question now is, "Why is this contribution important?" Here are some reasons:

The growing media attention that sports come from all over the world

The great number of sports that can bring tourism in the country or the city.

Incorporating the name of cities or countries into terminology, such as events

Events or Teams of Internationalization of Cities and Countries

Ambassadors as individuals or groups, as most sports clubs in the world.

Sport Diplomacy Opportunities, where sport is a useful tool for country brand placement and expansion.

All this is a clear example of the Olympic Games in which a country becomes the center of the world in all areas, allied to social, economic and cultural conditions. This event, apart from the public, offers infrastructure and urban development projects to the host city or country that would otherwise not be possible.

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