The impact of technology on marketing and the marketing of technology

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The virtual empire ranges from daily humdrum to the most amazing and complex utilities that have changed our lives. Today, we are all creators and designers who were not very appreciated a decade ago. In 2008, Nike became the world's most innovative company, thanks to Nike iD, which helped customers design personalized designs on Nike shoes. We live in the age of technology and creativity where the latest and easy-to-use technical devices are available through phones. You are talking about any sector or industry, technology not only allowed it but also encourages a unique customer experience.

Let's see a few examples:

Real Estate: Real Estate Professionals use VR to enable home buyers to design and experience homes in immersive 3D. You can now design your interior design even before the house is built. Now you can see every corner of your home and see how it really looks like in real life, not just relying on 2D models and other people's advice. Builders will help them give customers confidence in their design and purchase decisions and save a lot of time

Retailers: Technology has changed people's discovery into the store. Now, if you want to buy furniture or even a car, your choice is sitting on the couch. Pricing and other important data are available only a few clicks and the order arrives. There are also many technologies, including VR, where customers can take part in an experience where they can build their closet, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. And they can share their friends with different social media channels.

: Advertising houses design large-scale use of VR and related technologies and design their campaigns in the context of brand culture. For example, Mountain Dew has created content and videos using Samsung Gear VR. Industry players and experts believe that if there is something that encourages mass consumer adoption, it will be Virtual Reality. It has also been observed that ads with interactive experience will last longer for visitors compared to others.

Entertainment: From now on and anywhere you can enjoy the music of your favorite artist. Music companies are already revealing the role of technology in live music experiences.

Health: With the 3-D model, doctors can detect a 360-degree view of the patient's body or part of the body before surgery. surgical intervention, and thus restores and works on some critical issues that need to be solved. It also helps patients understand better what will happen during the procedure, which can make them easier.

Travel: Most airways have found new ways to entertain customers while they are waiting for their flight. The airports have public VR kiosks where they can virtually find a place to visit before they are boarded. Experts have shared these experiences, not just a fun source of entertainment, but customer attention to services, etc. It also controls.

So technology helps brands to create a unique and memorable experience. While all sectors and industries are competitive; creating a virulent and compelling customer experience is what marketers need to consider. Technical progress now has a very important role, but at the same time many brands and agencies do not know the competition. So think elegantly about how you will use the technology to create and captivate your customers' enjoyment!

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