The F110 MiCoach was designed by Samsung with Adidas

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Samsung F110 MiCoach was designed by Samsung by Adidas, one of the leading brands in the sport. As a result, this high-end mobile phone has a number of "smart" features that are very useful for athletes and active people alike.

The Samsung F110 MiCoach is robust – this is a fact that is comfortable for outdoor use. The details on the outside are asymmetrical. Special attention has been paid to ease of use – in this context, the easy-to-use navigation key can be cited.

This Samsung mobile personal trainer can be used by athletes and people who are very motivated for their personal health and well-being. In fact, all the features and applications present in Samsung's mobile phone have more to say than the "MiCoach" tag on its name.

Module owners can measure their speed and distance while running. The device also includes a special heart rate monitor. The handset can help users through their workout; you can notify the owner of the speed at which he or she is to run to maximize his training.

The unique feature of this incredibly beautiful mobile is the pedometer, which is essential for calculating speed and distance traveled. This sensor is created in the form of a small chip that can be attached to the runners' shoe laces. There is a wrist band – the handset can be connected to the owner's body when focusing on the exercises.

The handset has a built-in music player that can be used for music enjoyment. Built-in FM radio is another option that owners can discover whenever and wherever they want. Another multimedia capability that is part of Samsung F110 Micoach is a built-in 2 megapixel camera – the perfect property for people passionate about big pictures. 1GB of memory is more than enough to store all your music, pictures, video clips, and more.

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