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When I grew up in childhood in 1960, things were much simpler when they bought sporting events. In fact, shoes worn in sports activities are not even called "sports shoes".

These were called "shoes".

Basketball was also not a special shoe. Wilt Chamberlain and Bob Cousy wore shoes like the others. So a couple of "Big Three" shoe makers – the Keds, the PF Flyer or the Converse – would look at every sport, whether it was softball, basketball, touchscreen, tennis or swimming in the creaking.

Sorry, we did not know that football was already in Philadelphia. We thought this was one of the ancient sports played by Aztecs and the losing team would have their hearts cut out as a sacrifice of gods.

As I was old and went to high school, Converse was "Chuck Taylor All Stars". Everyone briefly called them "Chucks". To date I can not get Chuck Taylor. All I knew was without a couple of "Chucks" that was not officially cool.

Equal pressure and fashion style has just dropped head like a 2×4.

Returning to the "good old days," as I refer to them, the shoes came in only two colors – black or white. Henry Ford would have been delighted, except for an extra unnecessary color opportunity. It seems I remember that red could have been offered, but the last child who was brave enough to wear a pair of red shoes suddenly changed the schools after a roar of mobs ran off the campus.

These shoes can only be so pink.

When I entered the college in the mid-1970s, athletic footwear became increasingly specialized, and then it was called athletic footwear or at least "running shoes".

The running and jogging frenzy was full and Adidas led the way with the legendary blue nylon running shoes along with the white stripes. I got the jogging bug and of course I got a pair of Adidas blue runners myself. Frank Shorter was my new hero and I was excited about the 1976 Summer Olympics.

I really enjoyed jogging because it was a sport that did not require any special ability that was a relief to me. Although I've never liked these nasty blue nylon Adidas running shoes. They wore very fast and seemed incredibly rough, whether they wore shorts or blue jeans. My feet were sweaty like no one.

Fortunately, Adidas quickly gained competition in the running shoes market and was much higher in quality and the running shoe became more beautiful. It was very ironic that most of these "running shoes" have never been put in a good way.

In the 1980s, I got the "Basketball Jones". Magic Johnson and Larry Bird just came into the NBA and things were very exciting. When Michael Jordan rose to size and the marriage between MJ and Nike in Heaven was completed, the athletics industry simply exploded.

The era of ridiculously high-priced basketball shoes was on us.

I know that my parents are extremely grateful that their boys have developed into childhood and teenage years well before their age. My father blew up the stack when the Keds were over $ 10. I'm worried that he will not be with us today if I ask him to buy me a $ 250 basketball shoe. Come here to think I might not be here today if I asked him this question.

I would never pay for big money for a pair of Air Jordan. The nearest one I ever got for a designer basketball shoe was a pair of LA Gear shoes I bought from a flight chart once. The shoe looks really good, but it weighed a weight that was not too good for basketball shoes.

Maybe that was why they were free.

I only wore them once and it was a pickup basketball game. I set up my big toe when I tried to jump. The shoes were like a couple of cement blocks and I lowered my vertical jumps. This was the last time I wore these shoes and to this day I was in my closet. Except for the thin layer of dust, they look newer than the day I spied on them to sit out the window.

In those days I resigned from a versatile, yet inexpensive athletic shoe. This is the kind you get for $ 29.95 at most discount sites, such as Wal-Mart and Target. The brand does not matter because there is a wide range of these types of shoes.

Nice looking shoes, and usually a top of the leather case, and wearing a pretty jeans. I can wear them in the gym or play tennis and basketball, and they are definitely a great asset for what they pay for them and how long they will last.

But there seems to be something missing and I'm not sure what that is. Maybe it has something to do with the infinite summers long ago when the shoes were made of canvas and we were not cared for in the world.

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