The 5 Most Popular Nike Dunks

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Although Nike Dunks has been present for many years and has been introducing many styles and models for years, they are still fresh and many prefer the rest. Given the availability and availability of the kit, many people continue to purchase Nike Dunks's favorite styles as below.

These are not in any specific order. So here it is:

a) The Dontrelle Willis Dunks
It comes from the Nike Collection Royale and is for these members only. Very loose shoes were initially $ 90, and the reputation of the King of Spades was known as the Lebron James variant. Some other designs worth mentioning are the Ronaldinho 10 fame, the Air Force Club shoes, Serena Williams 2 and the actual Dontrelle Willis empties, which were named the renamed open thrower of the Detroit Tigers.

b) Osaka Dunks
Not surprisingly, Japan is a big market for Nike, and there are two of these popular Nike Dunks styles. Osaka Dunk, also known as Dontborbi Dunk, was named for Osaka's food and the famous drumming baby icon, Dontonbori. This Nike Dunk is one of the elements of the 4-piece design that has been promoted by Japan as an attack package in Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo and Fukouka. The design was very creative in releasing the collection in a wooden box and showed an insole that showed Osaka Street.

c) Nagoya – Golden Dolphin Dunk
This Nike Dunk was the second in two releases as the Japanese City Attack Pack and Gold Delfin motif were carefully chosen to reflect the city's importance in Japan's fourth largest. Its glossy metallic gold color, its excellent mint green lining, gives a truly majestic look to the interior. With regard to the continuity of the lending of the motif, he plans to cut back on the reverse side and adds double seam to increase flexibility.

d) Vandal Valentine's Day Limited Dunk
This was produced in a very limited amount and France was the first country where it was issued. The artwork was very striking, one on one side was a woman and the other on the other. The letter Q approaching the king's plan adds extra dignity to the whole creation.

(e) The 1 Dust of Blue Dunk
Dunks' premium pair was metallic blue to the body to provide a glossy look and a very attractive look in the sunlight. Nike's patented Air Zoom technology also delivers wonderful comfort.

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