Sometimes you just have to do what Nike says

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Just do it! As I enter, I wonder how much this is. Nike introduced this ad in July 1988, over 20 years.

You know there are days when it seems you simply can not build the energy to get out of the couch. Then other days that lie on the couch is the farthest thing in your mind.

I want to talk about the days when you know what you need to do, but you can not build the energy to make this one leg move forward. This can be the job and the necessary phone call. Or at home, the burden of clothes. Or how can this practice be kept? All these actions and sometimes the energy movement is the hardest part.

I have been paying close attention to this fine line in the past few weeks. The line between action and helplessness. Why do I do the action and why they stay inert.

I found a little voice in my head saying "Just do it!" And the next thing I know, I'm moving.

I still tested. For example, I spent most of the night and tonight the sofa was very comfortable. You could also say I'm somewhat sleepy. I had a chance to go to the walk and almost walked over. And suddenly, I said, "Just do it." So I went up, put on my clothes and did it. And man felt great!

Another time, I needed a little work. The kids were crazy, the laundry shouted my name, the dirty dishes needed to be found in the dishwasher and the clean dishes had to be removed. Everything seemed to pull you, except I did my job. Finally I said to myself, "Just do it." And I had to go to work, I did my job, and I felt great. The food and laundry were still waiting, they did not go anywhere.

Action takes several actions. Did not Einstein write anything about it? When I move, for example, I run and stop the rest, I find it difficult to get back to work. It is simpler to slow down and run continuously.

When I work, I'm moving on my list, I'm moving forward, it's easier to keep this movement and move on to my business. If I have to stop for a few days, get out again and work again hard. It's easier to make sure that I do something everyday and work and build my business. Get started!

So now that I do not feel so serious, I just say, "Just do it!" and I'm so grateful when I do it. There is sense of accomplishment. Action separates success from failure. The action is how we succeed and maintain success. Success does not come from inertia, and it is not sitting on the couch.

So do whatever you need to make your life better and just get out and do it. Action is the most important and remember what the ad executives said to Nike: "Just do it!"

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