Seven Steps to Great Learning Habits

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According to the 2008 approach, it is time for self-employment. Many high school students can have a great New Year's resolution by improving their learning habits. Self-discipline means giving up some things you love. It's very tempting to hang out with your friends when you need to learn. However, there is a balance between work and play. Here are seven rules for achieving successful learning habits:

1. Do it now! Do not quit. As the Nike ad says, "Just do it!" There will always be things you want rather than learning. If you spend a certain amount of time each day to accomplish your job, the job will not accumulate and will actually release the time to do the things that it enjoys.

2nd Study in a group. There is strength in the numbers. Misery loves the company, so students who have similar interests can come together to share their notes and help them in concepts that they do not understand.

3rd Do not stick to a path. Learn new concepts, skills and problem-solving methods.
4. Real-time schedule: one hour earlier on weekends. Be the old lazy time for productive study time.

5th Pleasant working environment. Clean your room, desk or kitchen table. Find an organized, quiet, cheerful job.

6th Make a list of all the subjects or skills you need. First attacks the weakest subjects. It's natural that you're looking for comfort in learning, but that's not what you do not know how to concentrate.

7th Learn how to learn. There are many study guides available. Books, flash cards, CDs, interactive computer games, video games, etc. Try each tool to find out what works best for you.

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