Samsung F110 – Merits and Demerits

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The Samsung F110 has recently been launched by Samsung, which is a revolutionary or high-end device to which I swear. This is a normal handset with some unique features. The attraction center in this phone is Adidas's training system. The Samsung F110 phone is also called the miCoach system because as a coach, it tracks the progress and development of your training. Now, while listening to your favorite figure, you cut too much calories.

The phone is perfect for those who are conscious and want to burn calories. The phone was uniquely developed by Adidas, which tracks its steps, miles, and other features of the training. The phone measures sport development and gives voice feedback. Synchronize the miCoach web-based coaching system to help you increase your training barriers. So this phone is a perfect companion and a critic while you're around.

The Samsung F110's sporty features include built-in accelerometer with step counter, pulse sensor and step sensor (included in the extended package), sports headset and 3.5 mm audio connector with remote control and armband. This is a perfect sports phone for you.

In addition to the sporty features, the Samsung F110 features a 2 megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth, FM radio and an internal 1GB card that would be useful in everyday life. However, the phone has some blur function, but it is missing at some points. Let's see what Samsung F110 is.

The phone says it's a boring design that's not attractive. When working with Adidas, Samsung had to be very careful to lift her handsome face. The camera has no focus and blinking. The screen is bad due to the readability and poor resolution of sunlight, no memory card slot, no 3G objects, no Office document viewer, and the pedometer is not accurate to calculate confusing and slow steps. By leaving these disadvantages, this phone is a good choice if you really think these features never matter to you.

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