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Starting from the barefoot to the running shoes that have been put into a small fortune … running will surely go far. There is now a wide range of choices available so that the spiritual gymnastics will decide which shoes would be the right one for you!

In the last century we saw many changes in running shoes. At the beginning of the century, running shoes were simple rubber rubber ropes. Today is a hood, sometimes filled with gel capsules. So they look good, feel good, and increase their performance.

The first running shoes, also known as "keds", are the result of the invention of vulcanized rubber. People first wore shoes so they could actually practice sports. They were light and comfortable and did not hear when they were walking. This was the name "shoes".

More than 100 years ago, JW Foster and Sons of England (hereafter referred to as Reebok) were the first shoes specifically designed for truncheons. The owner, Joseph William Foster, wanted to make a shoe that would stimulate running sport. In 1925 he made a German called Adolph Dassler with hand-forged pincers. He was so specialized that there were concrete models for the specified distances. The material was hi-tech and lightweight. These shoes were worn by the era leader, Jesse Owens. Adolph Dassler is later divided into Adidas and Puma, both leading shoe manufacturing companies.

The quest for running shoes and the need for speed and comfort resulted in even better footwear. There are three types of running styles. In the neutral style, the poles reach the ground while the leg moves straight ahead as it advances. In the Pronunciation Style, the corner reaches the ground while the foot moves inward as it moves forward. The Supernatural style was slightly different where the corner reaches the ground and the outside of the foot moves forward. Shoes have been made to fit these different styles and athletes have now had the opportunity to make shoes.

One of the most recent invention is the impact system. It was found that foam, silicon and air gel absorbed the shock. Even better product is ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA); a substance that contains millions of small air bubbles that cushion and absorb the shock. There were some aspects of the space exploration that astronauts' apparel and footwear was made!

To find the perfect shoe, you need to study your biomechanical needs. We take a wet test – that is, the shape of your foot on a dry floor or piece of paper. This reveals that your feet are flat, normal or highly arched. Based on some additional tests, the right shoe is found. This process was beneficial for athletes as it helped to achieve better speed with fewer legs and longer career prospects.

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