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Shimla is a city with mountain station and the capital of Himachal Pradesh, India. One fruit has changed people's lives in Shimla state. Earlier, native people were poor and worked on the fields to nourish their children and themselves by harvesting Capsicum, peas, potatoes and other vegetables. But the apple purchased from America in 1920, produced by Samuel Samuel Evans Stokes, has blessed, and has bought prosperity for the people of the state. The early ones had to wake up early in the morning and have to work all day to cultivate crops in the fields. They worked hard in the sun and in the rain, feeding their families. Life was hard and tough as the roads did not develop. Undoubtedly, despite the difficulties, they were happy and satisfied, but money was still needed for daily needs. In the construction of wooden houses, they live without modern facilities such as water supply, gas flow – daily difficulties.

Revolution of red fruit changed the economic condition of natives and the state. Shimla apples are abundantly grown and sold throughout the country and abroad. People are looking for millions of rupees and constructing large concrete houses (wooden houses are replaced by concrete houses because people get so much money to sell apples), equipped with all modern furniture and household utensils.

It's not easy to produce juicy apple abundantly. The apple tree requires special attention and hard work during the year as it needs fertilizers and medicines that are important for the growth of healthy plants. It must be taken into account that parents are caring for their children. Good fertilizer, drained soil and water play an important role in the optimal growth of apple trees.

Shimla and the nearby town are popular with Kotkhai, Bubble, Rohru, and Rampur. They became so rich that their children enrolled in a dormitory of cities where the tuition fee was quite high. In the apple season, ladies love gold and their daughters as youth spend money on the world's most expensive shoes such as Adidas, Nike, Woodland, etc. As well as Shimla, Delhi and Chandigarh branded dresses – famous branded dresses.

As native people have applied themselves to the work of apples, but now they are employees to look after the apple orchard. Their job is to spray the apple tree with the doctor and the fertilizers to the roots of the trees. The Apple season begins in May and runs until September. It also provides jobs for jobs because they need to pick apples from the tree, pack them in boxes and transport them to trucks. Even the apple season is looking for a lot of workforce.

People from other parts of the state can be proud of their daughter being married in Shimla. At fair and festivals, which spend a lot of money on apple production, maternity functions, local fair, events and festivals in the cultural part of indigenous people. In Shimla, almost every house has a personal vehicle.

Private farms are less in this area of ​​Shimla. People like the work of governments. There was a time when people started leaving government jobs because people would get more money for apple production. Local people are starting their own business. Some of them have invested money in buying real estate, for example. Land, Apartments, Houses and Gold.

People are often heard when they say, "Money has grown on Shimla." In Shimla, apple is also known as red gold.

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