Official Football Ball – The History of Official Football Ball

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Official football ball is a primary requirement for football. In history, people like to kick the balls. According to historians and legendary stories, early planets were made with animals made from human animals.

During the Han Dynasty, at the beginning of the 220 BC, the Chinese use animal skin bullets to play Tsu Chu. In the medieval tradition, inflated pork blisters are used to kick a ball into the ball.

In 1855, the first vulcanized ball was produced by Charles Goodyear and eventually produced by the mass-production of the English Football League, founded in 1888. The mass production of balls was responsible for Miter and Thomlison.

Over the years, a variety of variations and ball types have been made according to the requirements. It has led to violence and injury and caused many controversy. To tackle football ball issues, FIFA has formulated the rules and standardized the size, weight and type of football balls by introducing an international forum

Adidas was the first company to create the first official football ball in 1970 and was used under the FIFA World Cup. The ball called Telstar is made of leather and contains 32 hand-sewn elements, and at this time it was created with the most loose spheres.

Since then, there have been other improvements to the quality and design of the ball's ball. Football balls are based on special tournaments at this time.

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