Nike Victory Red Pro Shovel Review of Irons

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With advanced technology and innovation, Nike has released the latest and greatest addition to its VR series. Nike VR Pro Blades Provides Improved Control and Shots for Secondary Consistency

Nike VR Pro Blade Irons uses a new precision forging technology that uses 1025 forged carbon steel. Each Nike Victory Red iron is then ground to create a perfectly smooth face, and then the grooves will be precise in the face. This process eliminates all the deviations from club to club so that the shot will become consistent throughout the set.

Since R & A and USGA have recently changed the groove rules, Nike has introduced x3x high frequency grooves, cleaner strikes, consistent ball closure, and several spin cycles. In keeping with the new rules, Nike has given more clubs to the club that is closer and deeper than the previous VR fittings.

The top-of-the-line player-driven Tour-ready control, Nike Victory A Red Pro Blades features everything. The renowned VR Forged TWs have become the center of gravity for maximum emotional and shooting ability, with the new VR Blades having the same grinding and profile as TWs. The Nike Vr Pro fittings ensure controlled ball flying and greater accuracy thanks to the increasingly popular True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shafts.

Nike continues to make significant advances in technology and innovation, and VR Pro hardware demonstrates this. If the best players in the world are using them then why not? These clubs are truly Tour quality and grace for any medium low handicapper golf bag.

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