Nike Vapor Superfly – Super Slider or the Worst Nike?

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The football boots industry is a huge part of the current game and the Nike Vapor Superfly in the Nikes camp is the most recent vapor. Some soccer shoes have been around for several years now and become increasingly popular every year. Famous for the bare light of boots and the fact that many of the stars of the World Cup this week this week, the football world is about new Nike Vapors

The newest members of the Nike camp this year are the steam super weapon and the fastest boot in the world an official title and only 185 grams per boot. With carbon fiber technology, you can see why you are charged with a high price, but why do many professionals like their Nikes trade.

However, recently, the Nike Superfly investigated when a boots from Didier Drogba actually broke away from one of the opposition and asked questions. The rise in metatarsal breaks in the game and Superfly's weakness against the tough challenges seem to be the easiest football boots in the world to be barriers.

It does not hide how much technology and development has entered the new Nike Vapor Superfly soccer boots and that the end product enjoys the experience with Cristiano Ronaldo, who contributes to development. He is one of the best players in the world today because entering these unique boots has to be a good thing. But there is always the question of how technology can absorb the soccer boots before it poses an obstacle or a threat to the player.

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