Nike Transformer Shoe Collection

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Everyone around the world needs to keep track of the Transformer fans. Transformers is a 2007 live action movie that inspired the Transformers lineup. Nike x Transformers Shoes has been spread over the Internet for a long time. We've already seen the Transformer shoe robots. Yes, you are right that you have heard well. The transformers become "shoes". Takara has released a new Transformers Sports Label series that includes two models: Convoy and Megatron. This is very excited for fans of transformers.

This is going to be better if you wear shoes for the Transformers. Maybe he saw the Nike x Hasbro Transformers basketball shoes last season. Nike shared with Hasbro three packages of current Nike basketball: Zoom Flight Club (Megatron), Zoom FP (Bumblebee) and Zoom Sharkalaid (Soundwave). However, only limited quantities were released.

We knew more Nike Custom Dunk Trainers. Transformers fans did not miss the idea of ​​creating the inspired styles of the Transformers movie. INTRXN gave a regular birthday present to his friend, Nike Dunk Transformers. Use the Transformers theme to find the notorious Optimus Prime on the right middle panel while the left mid-plane of the left sneaker contains the Brawl Megatron image. Autobots are right, Decepticons on the left. The front and lace tabs are blue and black with a hazzy look that can be borrowed from the well-known Haze artist.

You will never forget the Barricade Transformers Nike Dunks, with the corner of the 911 Emergency Response framework. This is a cool black style if you want a cop. You can believe that Barricade Dunks was a brilliant stroke after looking at the corners. There is also a huge Nike X Transformers trainer, including Nike Air Force 1, Air Max Series etc.

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