Nike Tiempo Legend IV Elite soccer shoes review

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This week we'll review the Nike Tiempo Legend IV Elite soccer boots.

As the highly technical players such as Brazilian ace Ronaldinho and Barcelona defender Gerard Pique have been confiscated and approved, control and delicacy are the Nike Tiempo Legend IV Elite soccer boots.

Tiempo Legend IV Elite perfectly combines tradition and innovation. They are one of the most advanced leather shoes in the world, and many world-class footballers from all over the world have chosen them as instruments of trade. These boots have been significantly upgraded and now incorporate the patented wing technology, which has been created with the optimum placement of the fibers, which provides the best support for the players. This technology, which was previously reserved for the elite state of the elite, makes boots strong and lightweight. They weigh only 265 g, which are unprecedented before leather shoes!

Tiempo Legend has always been recognized as the elasticity and the highest quality Kenguru skin created by these soccer shoes, even the softest. The diagonal seam is used to prevent the overload of the trunk so as to guarantee optimum stability and the ball.

The inner liner is made of a very soft material that incorporates the heel area, which provides a wonderful fit and ensures sliding of the sole when twisting, turning, or speed limiting. The newly developed sock product helps to keep your soccer shoes in shape while providing much more comfort, support and stability.

Like the other boots in the Nike Elite range, the Nike Tiempo Legend IV Elite soccer boots are based on carbon fiber, which provides much greater grip and strength, but makes weight less than 40g lighter.

Apparently fine, yet impressive, vibrant flickers of diagonal heels that were used to increase boots' visibility. This luggage compartment is extremely high quality and has a high quality look.

The Nike Tiempo Legend IV Elite is available in two great colors, with a traditional black or eye-catching white color. Anyone who decides to go to you will surely look like you mean a business! These boots can be suitable for naturally skilled players who want to strengthen their one-touch ability and tight bullet control. They are a competitive advantage to your opponents.

Creating history, legend!

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