Nike – the company's unbeatable vision

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Few sports equipment manufacturers have created trends like Nike. Founded in 1964 by Blue Ribbon Sports, Fortune 500 Companys were replaced by Nike, Inc. in 1978. The name comes from the Greek goddess of the victory, a trademark of sports people and professionals such as Nike.

With the support of great athletes and sports teams, Nike's "Just do it" slogan is recognized by sports enthusiasts around the world. The simple Swoosh logo was introduced in 1972 with the first Nike running shoes and has been used. For Nike products, the name is not necessary because the simple Swoosh clearly states "it's a Nike product".

The growth of a strong company is due to the expansion of various sports in a targeted and effective way. By marketing its products under its own brand name and through its subsidiary marketing, Nike extends from the Oregon USA base worldwide.

Nike's marketing strategy replaces high quality design quality with brand protection. Although linked to very affordable products, the focus has shifted to higher brand pricing in recent years, which is marketable due to the high quality of the brand. What differentiates Nike is that it is quick to expand rapidly in related markets. A simple advertisement in print media in 1977 was so successful that Nike immediately created an ad for the ad. The unique racer on a road with the "No Landing" label, this simple advertisement has led to Nike's new poster activity.

In recent years, Nike has been the sponsor of many athletes and sports teams in the world. With Nike's clothing line and footwear and sports equipment and equipment, Nike has a leading role in athletic promotion in more than 160 countries. The products are sold directly from the manufacturer, but are sold through independent distributors, subsidiaries and licensing agreements.

As a Nike company, its publicity is supported by local and regional sports teams, local distributors for sponsoring Nike brand events and award-winning advertising from the company over the years. Despite complaining about working conditions in some production facilities that might damage the public image of other companies, Nike was able to handle complaints without harming its image.

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