Nike tennis shoes and how to buy wholesale

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Nike has always played a leading role in the market for high-profile tennis shoes and has been dominating the market since the 80's by signing high-profile sports stars such as Michael Jordan and recently LeBron James and Tiger Woods. Nike invests heavily in spending nearly $ 500 million a year for these celebrities on sports stars so they have to work. The signature Michael Jordan shoes called Air Jordan are still popular even after 20 years in the market and he is no longer playing basketball.

Nike Air Jordans is simply distinguishable from other tennis shoes through their logo. Previous versions include a winged basketball ball and are located on both sides of the shoe and on the ankle in the tongue. When Nike introduced the 4th generation of shoes, the logo was swapped as a basketball player as if it were a basketball game. This logo is called "jumpman" and appears in many places on the shoe.

Air Jordan tennis shoes are innovative in the industry in technology, and the whole technology provides the comfort that everybody is looking for when designing a shoe-to-foot air pump. This feature is standard in all Jordan tennis shoes, but the new ones are of course much better and have even one adjusting pump that allows the wearer to adjust to suit your needs.

These are not cheap tennis shoes, I can remember as a kid buying tennis shoes for up to $ 20, but Air Jordan sells up to $ 300. This has created a large secondary wholesale market, especially on the Internet, where prices are even more competitive. In order to enter this market, you have to do some work.

Like other high-end products such as Gucci and Prada handbags and Rolex watches, there is a big black market for counterfeiters, so you need to pay special attention to make sure you work with a reputable company. The best way to simply enter "wholesale tennis shoes" or, in the above case, "Wholesale Nike Air Jordan tennis shoes" in the search box is your favorite browser. This will get a list of wholesalers to investigate and narrow down.

Then look at them at the Better Business Bureau, online and where they can be found, and if you have a complaint, remove them from your lists. Now that he has reduced the list, he asks them and asks the references of satisfied customers, they have to be more willing to do so. If you pass this test, you will find out what your pricing, delivery and return policies are, and if you are eligible, you are in business. Do not judge at a price alone, if they are much cheaper, they probably knock.

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