Nike Structure Triax + 14 – Running shoe for stability

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If you are a runner, you know very well the good running shoes. They can provide you with comfort during long-term difficulties. Protect yourself from injury. They are indeed one of the most important investments the runner can and should be carefully considered and thoroughly investigated. Nike Structure The Triax 14 is the latest addition to the most popular Triax series and further develops running shoes. Structurally, shoes are not a huge step forward. This is a big plus because the Triax 13 is very well received and liked the support and stability of the runner. However, there are significant differences in the new version. In the top of the shoe, Nike has left the traditional language and replaces it with a notch bootie unit. This allows the shoe to be switched on and off smoothly. This shoe is designed to have a mild or moderate overload problem and provides adequate rest and support to compensate, thus reducing the chance of potential injury. The upper part contains meshes for increased airflow, allowing good air flow around the foot, which can reduce the chance of stinging or blistering and reducing the discomfort of the leg.

The presence of the tensioning strap ensures secure shoe fixing to your feet, reducing the movement of the back space, which can reduce the possibility of damage to the heel. The shoe is also fitted with reflective elements that greatly enhance its visibility when running in low light conditions. So, if you're on the market for new sweaters, for quality and reliability, you really can not go wrong with the new Nike Structure Triax 14.

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