Nike SQ Machspeed Black may only be the coolest competitor in May 2011

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I want to introduce the new Machspeed Black Nike SQ leader. The stylish design has been aerodynamic, but has a brilliant and striking appearance as a bonus. This is a leader who will envy your friends before he hits the ball for the first time. So, if you are looking for more distance, more precision or both, this may be the last stop for you.

The newly released driver is displayed in two different styles. One has a popular round head and the other is square. Both of them have a smooth and gloss look at them and will come to all people to decide which look they feel most comfortable for. If you can work better, the round head can be better designed. If you want more traffic in the drives, the square head is best for you.

I've collected all the tips you'll need, including video tour guides who try and discover the latest release for the SQ Machspeed driver collection. It was always true to me for all of my guide research, including tour guides … the shots were 5 to 10 meters longer than the T-shirt. This is not the only way to be a 2011 pilot.

Quick and easy setup …

With the STR8-FIT wrench (included) it only takes a few turns to rotate the head and adjust it to another angle position. You also have a closed reference card that contains all the eight positions illustrations. Even if it is not with you, you can easily find the diagram at the end of the handle, which helps to align the exact settings. Another good thing to mention is that there is a pocket on the headgear to keep the STR8-FIT key comfortably.

During my research I made golfers unforgettable to give me a negative answer to balance this driver. You may have noticed before you arrive and finding a golfer that is not happy with this new leader is not easy. So, if you're looking for a new driver to put in your golf bag this season, SQ Machspeed Black is a very good choice.

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