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There are many reasons to like Nike shoes, but brand recognition is one of the most important aspects for young people. It remains to be seen whether these considerations are really reasonable. The point is that you can find perfectly presented shoes that will not cause long-term damage to your feet. With these shoes they can hold themselves to the highest level of fashion bets. There is something casual yet sophisticated on Nike's brand. Of course, there are some interesting shoes in the classroom, such as the Adidas line. The consumer's job is to get shoes that best reflect their personality and priorities.

Why do you need to sign your shoes?

The idea of ​​brand and brand name brand in modern society is so unfounded that it seems impossible to have another alternative. People just have to accept the fact that brands and labels are now defined. On the one hand, they believe that this is a socio-economic phenomenon that needs the benefit of the middle class. If you are in the lower middle class category, your shoes can be raised to the top middle class category. Of course, the upper middle class is really a step toward the gentle people on the top of the ladder. This ongoing struggle for recognition does not go unrecognized in the commercial world, which is constantly striving to keep its products reflected in the customer's priorities.

If you want to avoid classifying with your Nike brand, then it's more than happy to help with this quest. This division of the class is not very clear because shoes usually use celebrities who have money but not necessarily in the upper class. It is therefore a question of wealth rather than a social class. Of course, at a certain level within the social structure, wearing snickers is not really a socially acceptable thing. The English queen may seem whimsical, and yet the much stronger president of the United States can bear the eyebrows. For shoe manufacturers, the challenge is to find the features that arouse the public and then ensure that they are usually part of the advertising campaign for shoes.

What about quality?

brand identity, you may lose the quality of the shoe in question. However, it is clear that shoe manufacturers strive to ensure that high prices are justified by the quality of the shoes offered. For example, some enthusiasm has been developed with aerial hoists that increase the level of comfort for those who are in the middle of sports. These are things that complement the recognition of the big brand, which has long maintained the industry.

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