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The Sears-Kmart unification hopes to produce some silver lining for both retailers, but seems to embody the inevitable philosophy of "going together." Kmart, a sinking vessel, certainly exacerbates Sears conditions, and Sears have not had enough strength to lift Kmart when there are businesses such as Wal * Mart and Target, which blow up the holes the "strict". "

On the opposite side of the brilliant spectrum, Nike sits on the todem top
and watches the multitude of underlying battles. Nike is the only shoe that people are willing to pay twice or twice to wear
Nike Pro Apparel Warriors campaign, while Adidas, Reebok, Puma, New Balance, and countless others have been trying to "have the same brand name as Nike Pro Apparel Warriors. to become Mike's "
concepts to increase their market share.In reality, Nike is only getting stronger
and despite the efforts of brand emulation, it is valuable.

Before Sears intertwined with Kmart, Sears had several Nike products, , clothing, some sports items, etc. When Sears announced the agreement with Kmart, Nike announced to Sears that they would no longer need their shelves.When Sears opened in Kmart, Nike closed to Sears
. There is a simple equation and preservation of the Nike brand.

Kmart is known for "lower quality but low-priced dirt" and Nike is a high quality brand of high quality brand that can accelerate prices based on the brand's features and reputation.

What brands can Sears and Kmart like from brands such as Nike?

Unfortunately, at this point, not much can be achieved because when the brand, this market
does not allow much time and space for the second chance, let alone the desperate action. Nike has been "getting" from the beginning and continues to increase its market share by being the father's boat. Consumers can see themselves under the Nike brand
and feel pride and confidence. Sears and Kmart do not even feel like consumers (19459002). Faithful in these brands is rather a public

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