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Nike is one of the world's most famous names in sportswear. It is especially well known for its shoe sports shoes and of course it also includes many other sportswear, including accessories and accessories.

Little is known about the small range of electronic products such as sports watches and heart rate monitors. Yet, these monitors are fashionable, quality products, and if you are looking for a pacemaker, we recommend that you consider them.

Nike actually goes back to 1964, which is much older than other manufacturers of heart rate monitors. Originally a distributor of Japanese-made sports shoes, he later launched his own line, the Greek goddess of the victory, under the Nike brand name.

It only distributes a modest range of heart rate monitors, such as Imara and Triax. One of the most popular of these is Nike Women's Imara Heart Rate Monitor Watch.

This is a very stylish product with a slim, curved design that is also sporty. Given that Nike carries a certain package, it is obvious that the company plans to consider this monitor as a fashion kit as well as a practical training device. It's a fact that it includes an hour feature – with the ability to spend time in two separate time zones – along with the date and alarm. So double as a particularly stylish wristwatch for everyday use.

However, this includes all the essential functions of a quality heart rate monitor. Allows you to set the target heart rate zone and an alarm sounds when it falls or falls during training.

In addition, two countdown timers allow you to choose between hard and light modes, interval training, or alternative running and walking cars.

The monitor also includes a calorie counter that reads calories consumed during exercise, allowing you to adjust body weight reduction goals for your work.

The device has excellent backlighting and is waterproof. This may not be necessary, but in fact water resistance means that sweat can not penetrate the monitor and does not affect the mechanism.

Imara was designed for women. You will need to pay a small extra fee for the extremely stylish design and Nike. If these are important to you, this may be your heart rate monitor.

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