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Nike does not disappoint when designing shoes, and yet, except for themselves when launching Nike Lunarglide. The Lunar Trainer and the Lunar Racer were extremely successful, and Nike did not expect Glide to improve them.

However, the general opinion is that they actually left the Lunar foam. This foam was originally developed by NASA and is extremely lightweight, used in space, and features enable compression and return to the original shape. Although other foams have this capability, Lunar foam responds much faster.

Use the popular Flywire technology in the upper part of running shoes, and shoes are made specifically for men and women. Women's shoes have a curved strap on the inside of the shoe, which provides great complementary support to women, as women find it more prone to excessive pangs than men.

The weight loss weight was great on the agenda when the top of the shoe was designed and even though it's light and smooth, it's strong enough to provide great support to mild interpreters. The shoe was designed so that none of Nike's other shoes had leather or netting folded to protect Flywire.

The foam is not visible and Phylite is capillary from the outside. Extremely lightweight, and even 9-inch shoes are only 10.6 ounces in weight, which increased the buzz for real-life shoe testing. During running, you experience adhesion to extremes, as it is spherical. The heel area is particularly cushioned and is perfect for shoes that use a tough support. Note however that if you are a runner who loves heavier shoes, you do not like the sneer experience of shoe deliveries.

Although the support is great, there is a possibility that a serious over-pronator will not support it for a long time. This Lunarglide is primarily for those runners who have a long-term neutral turn or mild accent. They will love this shoe with large cushioning and still fixing feet in a low position.

Interesting shoes to say the least, and everyone was expecting you to come with a great price tag with all the special technology you build, but you'll be surprised to find Nike's recommended retail price of only $ 99.

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