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Imagine a personal trainer who tracks all the exercises so you do not have to be the Nike + iPod running system. Apple does not pay me that, but – it's a wonderful product and I do not think I've run it for so long.

– Nike + Sport Set ($ 30)

– Nike + Shoe ($ 100)

– Nike + Armband ($ 30) OPTIONAL

So here's how it works (without knowing too many technical details):

1 Connect

When ready for jogging, place the Nike + iPod Receiver (Walk to activate the buyer in shoes is sometimes easier to say than done).

2 Setup

Select how you want your iPod to follow your workout Time, distance, or calories
Select a playlist (Ive created a collection of fast-paced songs with a playlist of a special playlist)

3rd Begin to Run

At some interval during your workout, music softens and a pleasant female voice (you can choose a male voice) will inform you of progress. The halfway and the 100-meter road are just a few things you say.

4 Check Status

You can press the iPod middle button at any time to get more detailed status updates, such as the remaining distance, time, and calories. good enough.

5 End Workout

After finishing the workout, select End Workout and a friendly voice congratulates you for the training statistics.

6 Sync your iPod

When you return from your workout, sync your iPod with your computer and start Apple Magic. Your training data (time, distance, calories, time or day, even a playlist recorded during playback) will be placed on the Nike + website.

7 Nike + Websites

An iPod is synced to your site immediately. This website displays a wealth of information about your workout. As an example, you can see exactly when your workout runs faster and slower, this looks like a smooth line diagram, the faster the higher the point on the chart. You can watch your workout by day, week or month.

IPOD SECRET, when you reach certain goals or beat the records, celebrity votes congratulate your performance. For example, when I did a personal experience of 1 mile (8 minutes and 44 seconds, thank you), Lance Armstrong congratulated me on winning. I have to admit, it was very good and unexpected – I said at least 10 people that day about my performance.

My Improvement

If I were to fix a thing on the Nike + iPod running system, then I've offered a downloadable table of training data to the web site so I can make my own comparisons in Excel. Anyway, this is a great system and definitely worth the money.

If you are a consistent runner (or want to be), this system is definitely for you. Easy to set up and great way to track ongoing progress. Always remember this when measured, can be improved.

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