Nike History – More than running shoes

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For over fifty years Nike has been one of the most renowned and renowned shoe companies specializing in sports and running shoes. But, like most companies, they started small.

In 1964, Nike was founded by Phillip Knight athlete athlete who wants to find a way of life. Originally known as Blue Ribbon Sports, it started the Tiger running shoes on the Japanese Onitsuka. Most of the replenishment sold most of their cars. He soon joined the career of track coach Bill Bowerman, who is looking for high-quality track shoes for athletes.

The Tiger quickly sold and the company emerged, soon working full-time and opening its first place. In 1971 Blue Ribbon Sports created more than a million dollars and was ready to leave alone. Their first original shoe was named by Nike after the Greek goddess of victory. This was the first Nike famous trademark, the "swoosh" designed by Carolyn Davidson. Interestingly, Knight did not originally take care of the symbol, saying, "I do not like it, but it will grow to me."

Nike's first self-designed shoe was a glass-drenched Moon shoe that debuted in 1972. For the new rein to find new uranium traps, Bowerman found inspiration in the household laundry iron and used to form the first sole. Nike's other early innovations included a nylon-top running shoe and a padded paddle pad covering the entire length of the shoe.

In 1978, Blue Ribbon Sports officially changed its name to Nike and sales flourished. Sales amounted to $ 270 million, and in 1980 the total US futures and sports shoes market was half the same in the same year. Nike has pushed his image aggressively, especially in order to increase visibility in such a way that famous and upcoming athletes wear Nikes shoes.

Nike's success is partly attributable to running, jogging, and fitness, which has swept the nation. By the time these activities were popularized, the company was already covered in other areas, such as basketball, although its running shoes are still popular. The famous air cushion device also debuted this time.

In 1983, the company turned back and was forced to implement structuring and redundancy over the next few years. In 1985, Nike launched Air Jordan's line with the legend, with Michael Jordan's approval. Over the next few years, the innovative Air Series was Nike. Nike continued to dominate and strengthened its position in the business.

Now Nike is a prosperous billion dollar, currently the world's largest shoe and clothing supplier. And of course, despite the progress made, Nike does not ignore its roots, running shoes. High-tech footwear continues to envelope for innovation and creativity.

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