Nike Half Marathon – Hot Run race in San Francisco

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Nike Half Marathon – If you're looking for a good first race, do not look any further than the San Francisco Nike Half Marathon every year! Competition started for one reason – it is beneficial for leukemia and lymphoma society.

Nike's semi-marathon is a superb race in the first half. Every year it is held in October in San Francisco. Although the race is held in October, the race will be held at the beginning of the year. In 2008, registration was done through a random drawing – every person who was registered and drawn. If you select it, you will receive the entry at the half marathon.


The course offers wonderful views of San Francisco, including some mountains. The start of the tournament is at Union Square in San Francisco. The course ends along the Pacific. Beautiful career, wonderful views, including the Golden Gate Bridge bridge. You will find people from Mile 1 to 13 Mile. Entertainment, First Aid Station, Family Swing Stations, and DJ Stations are along the way. In addition, the water and the Gatorade have different stations in almost every mile. They also offer food at some stations, including bananas, Ghirardelli's Chocolate, Jamba Juice and so on.


Nike has a way to attract women to the competition. What better way to give Tiffany the Finisher Coin? Every year, Nike offers a silver chain that comes with a unique Tiffany pendant. This medal in itself motivates many people to run the race. Many women choose this race as the first race, only for the Tiffany Necklace. Some people run the competition – the finisher's medallion for their wives, their girlfriends, their sisters, and so on. Introduced.

If not for some reason, drive the Nike half marathon to the Tiffany Necklace – the necklace is motivated to race and pass through the finish line.

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