Nike Golf Clubs from the start!

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Due to increased competition and falling profits, Nike entered the golf market with shoes in 1986. Nike Golf was not born until 1998, although the young stars came out in 1995 and have come under the name Tiger woods. This business was worth $ 40 million and no golf ball was made yet, not to mention the Nike Golf Club!

Nike's first golf balls were produced in 1999, but the first clubs have not yet arrived by 2002. Yet, there is no rushing perfection!

Nike Clubs are coming in a short while, Nike produces a variety of clubs, from tour guides and blades to game ironing kits and putters.

First, Nike was not taken seriously by well-grounded club makers, or by massive investment in the golf audience at The Oven Nike's R & D facility, Nike's golf clubs include the most advanced technology on the market. Nike Tiger has invested more than just the Tigers, but also the world's best players in its approval program.

Nike clubs can cost from $ 50 to $ 900. If you decide that a pilot or an iron that appeared a few years ago as Sumo or CCi, you can add them to really cheap. If you love the others and want the latest golf clubs, you may want to check out the new Slingshot, SQ or Victory Red ranges. These clubs offer golfers at every level a high quality product that will provide a tough game a bit easier.

Probably the most successful Nike golf clubs in the VR series. The entire Nike VR series has been upgraded and now includes the VR Tour and VR Str8-FIT drivers, VR Pro Blades, VR Pro Combo and VR Pro Cavitys.

All in all, Nike clubs came shortly. In a way, Nike could have a big advantage for its competitors because they saw what the others did, what worked and did not do, and then took the good things and improved them.

If you're a golfer at the top of the game or perhaps even by buying your first clubs, then these Nike Golf Clubs are right for you and to get the most out of this wonderful game.

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