Nike + FuelBand's first generation review

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Nike first discovered as a sports shoe company and then added clothing. Over the last few years Nike has dealt with the Nike + FuelBand First Generation product, Nike + FuelBand First Generation, on the fitness box market.

Whether you're an electronics or a fitness gun, the first generation of Nike + FuelBand needs to keep a lot of interest. Unlike most fitness smart watches and orchestras, this tool can only be used as a fashion release. To keep track of real-time development and important physical fitness indicators, the iconic Nike + FuelBand gives you a closer overview.

* Nike + FuelBand first generation features and features

* Battery Guaranteed for 1 Year
* Follows Calories Burned and Steps
* White Ice, Black Ice and Black Colors
Medium / High and extra large

  • Motivated through daily targeting and performance tracking.

What's Hot With Nike + FuelBand's First Generation

color choice and 3 popular sizes, the first generation Nike + FuelBand was designed to "keep track of the day, set goals, connect and go. " The sports bike accelerometer built into the chic band transforms your movement from NikeFuel, the universal point of view used by popular fitness applications and products.

This tool is very simple to use. It sets the daily NikeFuel goal and starts on its day. Whether you are playing basketball, running, dancing, walking or doing dozens of everyday activities, you're all about taking your calories and burns so that your burns can be traced automatically and efficiently.

It also works great watch. And at the end of the day evaluate your progress to find out when you are most active and if you are not. Probably one of the most fun features is the ability to share your activity and results wirelessly with Twitter, Facebook and Path.

Nike + FuelBand Mobile App wirelessly synchronizes your most popular smartphones and tablets. This application (free) also allows you to compete with yourself and share your results with your friends and other fitness-oriented individuals.

When downloading the free Nike + Connect software, the fitness bar can "talk" with your laptop or desktop computer. This allows you to customize the FuelBand settings, and water resistance means you never have to wear this smart fit tracking.
Why not so hot

Some customers stated that it was difficult to understand NikeFuel's physical activity activity. This frustration can be alleviated by checking the information on Nike's site or referring to YouTube videos on YouTube that explain NikeFuel.

And some buyers mentioned that the non-removable battery does not last until a year. At the same time, Nike will cover Nike + FuelBand with a full one-year warranty, and customers who should have exchanged FuelBand have mentioned that Nike has filed a complaint.

Who is the Nike + FuelBand first generation perfect?

There are several groups of people that Nike + FuelBand First Generation offers a perfect purchase or gift. Indisputably the most elegant and most popular fitness band on the market, it is definitely for you. And if you like colorful LED displays, Nike + FuelBand is also covered.

With regard to tracking your physical effort and wirelessly communicating with your smartphone, tablet, or computer, the first generation of FuelBand works efficiently. And in a waterproof housing, you never have to remove this fitness tracking device and watch when you are in the shower if you enjoy tiredness in the rain or sweating heavily.

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