Nike FuelBand Product Review 2013

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FuelBand is Nike's latest addition to potentially transform your fitness system. Whether it is not athletic or hard training, the band is packed with useful features that are entertaining. One day after wearing your bracelet, you feel like missing something. Suddenly you want to quantify all your activities all day, entertainingly wanting to know how many calories you burn in your daily activities. Unlike other devices, FuelBand has a screen that updates your activity statistics with quick glue.

Nike's integrated metric algorithm helps track your progress by approaching "fuel points" on both sides of the bracelet with two accelerometers. From the perspective point of view, the 2000 fuel point setting is typical for a day of sitting, for example, an office day. While the 5000's fuel setting is more than a day of hiking or in the gym. Fuel points inspire you to set goals and accomplish goals during your days, and encourage your behavior to search for fuel points. You can cycle to work, go to the stairs to the office, walk in the lunch break, or hit the gym after you finish doing business, doing things like this.

The winning point is one of the ways Nike is trying to exploit the nature of competitive spirit. Like an elearning point, there is a complete FuelBand network that allows you to compete against your competitors to be motivated and / or inspired. This is the unique element of the brand and the brilliant exploitation of the large pool of athletes who use their products – and a huge sales point. Even if you do not share online statistics, you can still use it to simply track your performance and reach predefined goals over time.

The band appears in two black and white versions; black, black ice, white and white ice. These colors usually go in all, and surprisingly the band fits well up or down. They work in the same way as completely fashionable differences. The band is light and comfortable to wear. For smaller frames, it may be only slightly oversized, which can increase and move more than you can evaluate. Still with light materials, you will probably forget that it is turned on. One of the best properties is that it is waterproof so you can keep it in the water crossing or even just while you're in the shower. Combined with a very comfortable function, the extremely long battery life makes the orchestra easy to mount in your routine. Featured tools are intuitive and very useful.

Effectiveness of the band really depends on your dedication to using the features. Overall, the band has many tools to make it an effective daily tool. As mentioned, the Ready A Look Statistic screen is very effective for reminding you of your progress. As there is an hour feature, every time you want to know how much time you can quickly check your stats. Fuel points, pedometer, calorie counter and distance calculator tools are really effective in routine quantification and give you ideas on how to change your routine to achieve the desired statistics. As my stats are calculated due to the error rate, the fact that the numbers give you an integer number throughout the day will serve as an effective catalyst for inspiration. FuelBand is like a personal trainer who will be challenging to provide a competitive response as a catalyst. Reaching your daily fitness goals gives you a consistent feeling of performance. Controlling your activity is a rewarding experience that is sufficient to create the small choices that will soon create a better health image.

For $ 150, so much money people love to spend with a fantastic pedometer, but for all its features, it's really great on a sophisticated, sophisticated device, this can mean that long-term improved fitness program and health status. FuelBand is entertaining, effective, attractive and fashionable.

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