Nike Fuel Band Vs FitBit Force

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The trendy hot product in 2014 is an active wrist strap. These electronic devices allow you to track your activity during the day, which ultimately helps you achieve fitness goals. In the arena, two top drivers are the Fitbit Force and the Nike Fuelband SE armband.


The Fitbit Force is an activity monitor that tracks action taken, distance traveled, stairs climbed, activity minutes, and consumed calories. There is also a sleep monitor that tracks sleep quality, number of hours of night watch, and sleeping hours. This armband can also display and trigger an alarm (vibration) to wake up gently and not interfere with your partners. The Fitbit Force is waterproof in two colors (black and blue).

The Nike Fuelband SE is an activity monitor that monitors the steps, displays time and monitors workout intensity (many LEDs indicate the intensity of training and achievement of the target ). There is an ambient light sensor that automatically controls the armband's light according to the ambient light. Nike Fuelband SE is waterproof and comes in many colors (green, pink, red, black and gold).


The Fitbit Force wirelessly syncs to your computer (Mac and Windows), iPhone, or Android devices via Bluetooth 4.0. Fitbit Force integrates many free online and mobile third-party applications. You will be able to create a personal area that allows you to set goals and be able to track progress through charts and charts. Fitbit Force has an application for iPhone applications or Android smartphones for immediate access, allowing you to motivate yourself to achieve your daily and long-term goals.

Nike Fuelband SE is wirelessly synchronized to your computer (Mac and Windows), iPhone, and iPad with Bluetooth 4.0 wirelessly. NOT compatible with Android. Use the software to keep track of how intense your workout is and how your goals are compared. There is also a way to share your business with your friends to keep each other's motivation and allow us to compare goals and communicate with texts. You can create social media coverage that will create leadership bodies among your friends to motivate each other.

Both Fitbit Force and Nike Fuelband SE are accurate and durable products. Both are winners and both will be victorious in achieving your goals.

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