Nike Free 5.0 running shoes – review

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What is Nike Free?

Nike introduced the free concept in 2005 by combining the principles and benefits of barefoot running to strengthen leg and feet by protecting and pulling shoes.

Increasingly frequent coaches and podiatars suggest that runners are betting on barefoot running on their running timetable. Behind the logic is the use of reinforced and supported modern running shoes, our feet become lazy. We do not use the foot muscles very effectively because the shoes are doing this to us. They fix our mistakes, and even if they make our feet bad or too intense – they are involved in our name.

Experts say that when walking barefoot, of course, it is necessary to improve the running pace and at the same time strengthen leg and foot muscles.

Not everyone enjoys the barefoot training environment like a clean beach or a soft, grassy area to experience the benefits of barefoot training. Concrete running is not what our feet and feet are designed, so we need the protection offered by the shoe (we do not see how much landing on your bumper can improve your running).

How does it work?

Bare feet length and width have deep, gender-like tail (blades) that create a barefoot feeling: there are no more foam, but almost stand-alone "blocks" that adjust to your feet while walking while walking.

The Nike Free (3.0, 5.0, etc.) Flexibility Index refers not only to the single unit, but also to the upper, which is the same proportion of support and freedom as the middle sole.

You can read the rest of Nike Free 5.0 Review on our website where Nike introduces the shoe behind the shoe.

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