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Nike is a brand that has faded its reputation through countless product families. This brand is what people in ghettos are recognized all over the world for high-rise stone houses.

Nike footwear is suitable for a casual man, an athlete, a toddler, and a toddler. Its customer-oriented business model has become a global customer base and profitable worldwide.

The product groups of this company differ from country to country, as well as sport types. If someone shows an example to the Indian subcontinent, Nike maintains three types of product groups in this region that [119659002] 1.NikeCricket



However, this company uses the benefits of any existing technology. So there is another product group called Nike +.

One example of Nike's shoe and sports band is the need to harvest the latest technology. This combination is only intended for athletic purposes such as run and measurement, such as:

1.The distance that the person ran

2. The consumed calories

3. Heartbeat during the pirate's length, etc.

The sport strip can be worn around the wrist and has a device that stores all the information in the categories listed above. The person using the device can then connect to the computer and learn about the results of the workout.

Another example of the Nike + product category is the use of Nike shoes with an iPod. The system is the same when the device is installed in the shoe, but the iPod must be connected to a receiver. Then, the person using this iPod would be able to test elements such as:

1. Calorie burned

2.Distance covered, etc.

He would be able to do this while listening to the songs on the iPod. Nike's marketing strategy for the Indian subcontinent through the introduction of brand ambassadors and ads that show many well-known cricket celebrities in India.

As a result of Nike's unique product line, we managed to rope a wonderful customer base in India with the exception of the wonderful business. The Indian customer is quite satisfied with this brand and usually likes it while buying a pair of shoes.

The places where Nike shoes can be bought have changed over the years. Shops and showrooms are now in the midst of their fellow, as a new shopping web site.

Online shopping in India is a fairly new concept, but this is one of the things that captured customers' attention in an impressive way. The fact that in recent years the number of shopping sites has increased in recent years is proof of this.

Almost all of the products sold in stores, showrooms and retail outlets are sold on shopping websites. The online platform is a very valuable platform for sales, and it is all major manufacturing companies, including Nike. Regardless of the fact that every company in the product category has started using this online platform to achieve impressive sales revenue

. That's why Nike shoes are on Nike's many shopping websites.

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