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Nike dunks released the most popular brand of shoes in 1998, initially made in the early 80s. This was the first time Nike dunk was designed for canvas. This brand was introduced as a basketball shoe on the market and was publicly accepted. As fashion became skincare and athletic shoes, demand for Nike dunk shoes began to decline. After that, the dunk production still stopped. It was once again rumored that it had been launched in the new form with cracked skin and thin sole. This figure became popular as it reached the shoe business.

Nike dunk contains more than 65 different designs and colors. Some generally have low dunk, big dunk SB pro, Nike dunk SB, premium dunk, so on and so on. The combination of Nike dunk is dull and vibrant colors, all built into a stylish pair. With the zoom air base and swollen tongues, the Nike dumbbells truly meet the comfort requirements perfectly. The bottom sole is completely thin to better grasp the surface and legs of the players. The Nike dunk is ideal for basketball footwear. Nike dunk has a low profile sole and has a higher stability to provide the wearer with the best feeling and comfort. The presence of universal colors at the Nike boots has successfully restarted this brand.

One of Nike dunks family's most popular brands is Nike dunk SB.

SB is the product of skidding on this product as this brand has been placed on the skateboarding community. Nike later joined its skateboarding market as other competitors, but quickly accelerated its popularity. First, Nike focused on the basketball market, while other companies saw him on the ramp. In fact basketball and boarding have many things to do. Both types of sport require high stability and fast movement to win. Here, you need to focus on the type of device you use. The equipment is actually accessory, dress and shoes.

Nike dunks SB is durable and reliable. You have to choose the right pair of Nike dunks according to the actual size and comfort. Color selection is secondary.

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