Nike Dunk Pro SB medium-bond paint

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Nike Dunk Pro SB Medium Rectangle is one of the most prominent members of the rather extensive Nike & # 39; dunks family. This is a family that loves Nike SB SB Mid Premium Navy White, Nike SB Mid Premium TV, Nike Dunk Mid Pro SB Griptape and Nike SB Dunk Mid Pro marine crystal. The "Medium" & # 39; Over the years, I've used Nike drains – and quite a few – I have to admit that this Nike Pro SB Mid-Tie Dye (I've only used it recently) is the most fascinating.

As its name suggests, the Nike SB Mid-Tie Dye is an ugly color shoe with virtually all colors in the rainbow. Looking at my pair I can identify more than 7 different colors. In the lower part, the part touching the ground is yellow – dark in color. On the upper part of the sole where the sole is attached to the rest of the shoe, white – which is later displayed on the front of the shoe for the tongue and the original (shoelace). There is then black on the front of the shoe, especially the patch that connects the different parts of the shoe to the top. In the yellow, this time a darker hue appears on the wing that serves as a complement to shoe lace as a shoe leg fixing mechanism. Red is the color that Nike uses for his trademark & ​​# 39; tick & # 39; in the colors of Nike Dunk Pro SB Mid-Tie Dye, green in the back of the shoe; where the tie and the paint contract are most obvious.

With regard to height, the Nike Dunk Pro SB mid-range paint is a short shoe that will be more stringent than Nike Low's # dunks family. The gradient rise is gradual (and modest), starting from the front of the shoe, where the toes move inward and rise to the center of the shoe, so at the highest peak the tongue "where the upper part of the shoe corresponds to the wearer's leg

the Nike uses a combination of traditional shoe lacing and flap mechanisms, which seems to be the most advantageous combination of all modern flaws in security mechanisms. Of course, the fastening plate, apart from having a primary role in keeping the shoe, also plays a role

The Nike Pro SB Mid-Tie Dye has done all that is particularly ideal for shoes, especially for casual use

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