Nike Dunk high Pro SB Supreme blue

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Nike SB Supreme Blue is one of the High & # 39; Nike product line. This is a huge family and is still growing, with other brothers, including the military Nike Dunk Custom High Oreos Paris, the rather high Nike Dunk Dinosaur Junior, the rather colorful Custom Nike High – Back to the Future II Horrible Pack and Nike 6.0 Dunk High Black Coral; to name a few of the many "High" Nike Dunks. Of all the Nike Dunks I've used in my life – and a lot of numbers – I have to admit I enjoyed the Nike Supreme Blue.

Contrary to what your name implies, Nike SB Supreme Blue is not really a blue shoe. In fact, this shoe has the primary color white, the blue just shows a short look towards the back of the shoe. The lower part of the sole, the ground contacting area is red in red with the upper part of the sole where the top of the shoe is white. Most of the front of the shoe is white; including the part where the toes are supposed to enter, the language of the shoe and the main patch that connects the various parts of the shoes. body. Nike ticks in Nike High Supreme Blue are red.

Although "big" & # 39; dunk, Nike High Pro SB Supreme blue is not as high as a shoe and can be considered as "mid." Despite the gradual but unbalanced gradient of the front of the shoe, the toes are at the top of the shoe center (where the tip of the tongue is) The Nike High Pro SB's Supreme Blue is a very thick, though not necessarily noticeable, top-of-the-range high heel

The Nike Supreme Nike Supreme Blue, like any modern Nikes, is very stretched, stretching back to the back of the shoe and turning around the shoe. This is a signature to show that Nike SB Supreme Blue is really modern Nike

For the knitting mechanism, Nike has chosen the traditional shoe lacing mechanism for Nike Dunk High Pro SB Supre me Blue. Like this shoe, this is an elongated case with more than 18 shoe holes (9 pairs) – although the user has the option to leave some of them.

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