Nike Dual-Sided Yoga Mat Review

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If you have a man who is related to sports, then you have to be Nike. They have a lot of things to do, and most are very good. Take for example the running sequence; the moon series worldwide is commended for its design and comfort. Not to mention high to high, the 2011 collection is particularly impressive. If a company with such a good number comes out with a yoga mat, you should be amazed: how good is it? It's time to find out.


Whatever happens, this product is unique in DNS. The double-sided mattress exactly what you expect from it, offers two pages. On each side we find another texture that differentiates theoretically depending on the practice of sport. However, in real life I have not found any important reasons to choose one side of the other, so I do not mention it for the remainder of this review.

Nike's two-sided yoga mat is definitely a skull rotating, partly due to its incredibly thin thickness of just 3 mm. Which also helps textures on both sides, Nike says it will help improve the grip. The carpet is also equipped with a comfortable strap, so it is easy to transport.

Dimensions are 66 "long and 24" wide. I found that this is exactly the right size for me and I'm tall enough to be close to 6 feet 1. The chance that this rug will be the perfect fit.

Overall, the design is quite satisfactory. The little Nike logo in the corner satisfies brand watchers, while the textures give a strange look. Though its radical design is sure to find an opposite slice.

In use

Nike double sided yoga mattress promises ultimate adherence and practicality, two statements that I found true in use. This rug certainly offers adhesion when you need it. Downhand dogs, floats, crowns and triangular poses simply pull out, which not all rugs can claim. Practicality is also due to its lines. Yoga instructors find this carpet for practical peers wherever they go.

With good considerations, the product is definitely part of the issues. One morning I built a sweat of great strength, and the carpet could not absorb it, suddenly stopped at the handle. It is also very thin and sometimes hurt my knees in curtain positions, a big problem for a product that is a yoga mattress. Finally, after a month of use, the double-sided yoga mat already shows early signs of wear. Bonding between the two sides moves through the edges, possibly fatal.


Nike has delivered a product that can be considered as a mixed bag with pleasure and clear disgust. The yoga mattress is in any case a good looking, practical and perfect dimension. 3 points most carpets have been lagging behind. Then there is the flipside; a product that does not offer any pillows, and has been worn after a few weeks of use. Ultimately, because of the lack of convenience and durability, this Jewish purchase for Jews is a shame.

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