Nike Air Force One – a brand-new hybrid

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When do you think about Nike, what's the first thing I'm thinking of? True, you're probably thinking of sportswear. That's because Nike did a very good job of promoting the brand. We have often seen Nike-sponsored sports events that played on national sports events and the Nike logo was prominent in their sportswear.

It's about Nike to create fantastic products. Most consumers do not know that good sports products are really very difficult to design. This is because different sporting activities contain different movements. For example, basketball players must move sideways, run, run, jump, and even rotate at the foot. Such movements are drastically different from the sprinter. The sprinter is only needed to perform a movement – the forward movement.

A lot of time, energy and resources have been invested by the giant company to study such movements. Special software and hardware can be used to capture and analyze motion. Design is then based on the research material. Because of this, Nike sports shoes are often more expensive than other brands.

Some people believe that the price difference is due to the amount the company spent in promoting the products. But that's only partly true. Marketing can not save a secondary product. Only the killer shoes finally make it to the top. One person only needs to wear a pair of Nike shoes to get to know the difference between Nike products and other brands. The feeling is different and allows the sportsman to perform better.

But over-specialization demonstrates the fair share of the problems. Not everyone is athletic. In fact, most people do not deal with professional sports activities. So I really do not need to invest hundreds of dollars in a pair of shoes. What you need is a few footwear that is less specialized, but includes Nike design and technology.

The solution is simple. Who's coming for a pair of hybrid shoes, the so-called Nike Air Force One. This shoe line is a cross for a pair of shoes and a pair of casual shoes. You will not find them to have specific features but are still comfortable enough for everyday behavior and excursions.

These shoes are available in many designs and colors. Most teens and young adults will find it attractive and extremely practical. They are much cheaper than traditional Nike sports shoes. These shoes, thanks to their simple design, are suitable for a wide range of social activities. For example, you can wear the same shoes for school, street football and shopping.

This is great news for consumers because there is a very important verb. On the market today it is very difficult to find the pair of shoes that are comfortable enough to wear daytime and all kinds of activities. Nike Air Force One is a rare hybrid solution for the consumer's modern complex lifestyle.

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