My second winner, Nike

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It really took some time for Nike to accept this wonderful reality and adjust its thoughts and feelings to embrace the second life. – But what should I do now? I mean, how do I get started for the Second Coming? Nike walked around, talked to himself and kicked the stone. Early in the morning, the garden did not hide its lively scene. Ants were on the road to food; some unknown flowers seemed ready to open the door to greet the first sunshine; the birds, on the whole trees, began to sing the next day. He was very busy. Green trees, white and pink flowers, blue sky and white clouds, all these things made a beautiful image. – Picture! Yes! Nike was bouncing backwards.

This painted yourself, which may be the first thing. Eve asked for help. Eve was too happy to tell the idea and she was ready. She knew a kind of plant called Indigo, from which blue flowers could be made. On the way they spoke, they were talking about what to do on Nike.

After climbing to the top of the mountain after a walk, they came to the foot of a wonderful waterfall. Eve went straight to the side of the water and was curious about the plant. She did not have a lot of pain in the search, Eva had a full-eyed hand.

But they're cleansing everything but the clouds they're planning to paint at Nike, taking into account the limited color. Nike designed the picture and Eve showed it on Nike. What the two guys did to stimulate the animals around and get closer and closer to the guys in the hope of getting a better understanding. Because of painting, Nike was completely different. A few light blue curves formed clouds that fly freely in the sky. Nike could not withstand the itch caused by the movement and struggled with trying to put more space. Suddenly dropped. She closed her eyes again, which seemed to be the only thing she could do. "Well, the grass is so soft, I think it's the feeling Alex (the bad witch) is lying all the time in bed." With the soft grass, Nike moved and imagined slipping into a comfortable bed, then "bed" "A good boy, a rabbit!" A pair of brilliant red eyes looked at him when Nike opened his eyes

When trying to explain something, Nike was accidentally invited by the apes to the trees, standing on top of the trees, Nike saw it a tiger who floated an arrow with a bow, the elephant with its elongated long nose and the rabbit, and many other observers, including Eve, then came after him. "Eve walked to the tree and sat down:" Well, everyone is curious about painting their bodies and they are Like you, you know, the tiger never gets anyone to run, Nike feels very happy because he's finally a friend, he's got more friends … I have a new life, well, tomorrow is another day. " "But here's a problem here. How can I stop?" Nike said that she was a long way off.

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